All businesses have different requirements, so marketing plans and strategies must be tailor made to suit individual requirements. However here is a selection of the services offered by FootFall Marketing.


Communication Inspection

  • Review existing communication with customers – branding, social media, PR, packaging etc
  • Review past and present advertising
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Outline objectives and aims of the business
  • Suggest communication tools to reach target audience


Advertising Campaigns

  • Outline goals
  • Define target audience
  • Create an advertising concept
  • Price media space
  • Outline cost
  • Design advertisement
  • Place adverts with media
  • Track effectiveness

Event Management

A key method of communicating and engaging with customers is through events. A successful event has to be carefully planned and organised to achieve its objectives.

There are other straight forward marketing elements that are also possible

Create your own brand logo for prompt identity, tagline, logo usage guidelines and brand objectives.

each business should have a website from the elaborate to the simple brochure site.

setting up social media pages and campaigns, electronic email newsletter (ezines) and text alert marketing

can be a very effective tool for your business to associate a product or service with the right communication medium.